How to Check VGA Health is Normal or Not [2024]


Howdy tech geeks, in this article we are going to share with you How to Check VGA Health is Normal or Not.

VGA arguably is one of the most vulnerable components damaged after the hard drive. Not to mention that the damage obtained is usually difficult to repair (for example, Artifacts).

If it’s damaged, the artifact even has no display, like it or not, we have to RMA the VGA.

How to Check VGA Health is Normal or Not

Therefore, the health of this VGA must be considered. Especially for those who want to buy a used VGA / used laptop.

Especially now that VGA is also widely used by miners, which incidentally has a much higher risk of damage.

Little Story…

How to Check VGA Health

A little story, Not long ago, I accidentally found a glitch in a game…

At that time I played the AC Syndicate game. The story is that when I teleported to a tower, the graphics displayed by the game had an error.

  • Changed like there was a green light
  • Red
  • And other colors, just random.

When Googling, it turns out that there are some people who also experience the same thing as me but in different games.

Some say this is a symptom of an artifact. Well, to be honest, I was a bit surprised too. Moreover, at that time my PC was accidentally hit by lightning radiation.

If you don’t know what graphics card you are using then you can check our previous article where we have shared How to Check What Graphics Card You Have.

How to Check VGA is Damaged or Not

Well, actually from my test I can conclude, it’s most likely not an artifact, but from a game, or the driver used is not 100% compatible with the game.

But to be safe, I also took the initiative to do a VGA health check, using the stress test method.

For those who are curious about how here I will discuss.

#1. Necessary Materials

Necessary Materials

To check it, you need software for stress tests like I said earlier.

Well, there are two software that is most widely used to check VGA is damaged or normal, namely Furmark and OCCT.

It’s the same for the function. But here I use furmark because it is relatively more widely used.

How it works:

  • Generally, the VGA load when used for rendering or games usually only touches a figure of approximately 91%.
  • But with a test using this application, the VGA will be loaded up to 100%.
  • Well, the symptoms of the VGA artifact itself, if it’s not severe, can’t be seen when used daily. But by loading 100% like this, it can automatically be checked.

Note: Please search for the software. The download link can be found on Google. The software is free. The size is small too.

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#2. How to Test VGA

A little note, I am not responsible for any damage that may occur during the test process.

Step 1: After downloading, please install and open the application.

Step 2: In the Furmark app, please set the following settings.

How to Test VGA

Resolution Please set it to the screen resolution you are using.
Full Screen Please tick to test in full screen.
temperature The average Iddle VGA condition is 40 to 53 degrees.
Actually it depends on the type and FAN used. But if the idle temperature is more than 53 degrees, it’s better to postpone the test first.

Step 3: If you have, click GPU Stress test.

Step 4: Next will appear the testing process.

How to Test VGA

Pay attention to these things:

  • My recommendation is not to go over 78C. Especially if the low-end series VGA is used, the average cooling is minimal (must reduce the max temp).
  • Pay attention to whether there are any symptoms of artifacts on the screen or not. For example, the color changes, vertical/horizontal lines appear, strange random objects appear, and the like.
  • My recommendation, do the test for 5 to 6 minutes. Do not be too long, so that the VGA is not damaged.

Step 5: After the test process is complete, please restart the computer so that it is fresh again.


So, a brief guide on how to check VGA health.

For the OCCT I have also tried. In addition to the same function, the way of setting + usage is also the same as using Furmark as I explained above.

Hope it is useful.

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