How to Easily Change Android Fonts Style [2024]


Change Android Fonts Style: Fonts are letters that can be styled according to the user’s wishes, but fonts can usually only be changed when the phone is rooted.

Changed fonts can have their own appeal and of course, can be more interesting.

The font itself is usually used when we are sending messages, chatting, playing social media, basically, all things related to writing fonts will be used in that case.

How to Easily Change Android Fonts Style

Many people want to change the font on their cellphone, but most of them don’t know-how, even as I explained above, the font can be changed if the phone is rooted.

Meanwhile, the root itself can be done using a PC / laptop or not.

How to Change Android Fonts Style

The root is also classified as a complicated job, especially if you root Android using a PC it will work 2x in my opinion, therefore use the help of the third application to change the android font on your favorite cellphone.

That way you can change the font or letter on an Android phone without root, so it won’t void the product warranty from Android.

How To Change Android Fonts Style [2024]

Therefore, in this discussion, tech maina will explain how to change the font without having the phone be rooted. The way is very easy, are you curious?

Please refer to the steps below, yes, you can choose one of the steps below.

#1. Without Application

  • Enter the Settings menu.
  • Proceed to the Display Menu.
  • Proceed to the Font / Font Menu.
  • Then change the font or you can add fonts by downloading fonts.

#2. iFont

iFont is an application to change fonts on Android to be nicer and cooler. By using this application, the font display on your cellphone will be more attractive.

The steps for changing the font on Android using iFont are as follows:

  1. Download iFont

The first thing to do is to download the application used to change the font, namely Ifont. You can download via the Play Store.

  1. Open the Application

If the installation process is complete, the next step is to open the application and make sure your Android device must be connected to the internet

  1. Select a Font

After that, select the desired font (according to your taste). If you have selected the appropriate font, then you click download or download to download the font

  1. Give permission

If a pop-up appears about the superuser you can choose to allow it.

  1. Click Applications

The next step is for you to click on the Application below. Then the android phone will restart. After restarting, you can check that the font has changed.

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#3. Go Launcher

The last way you can do this is to use the Go Launcher application.

This application is entered into the application to change popular and cool fonts in terms of many things, not only in terms of visuals but you can use this application without having to root Android.

To be able to download and use the Go Launcher application, you only need to download it for free on the Google Play Store.

But with the update, the application that is used to change the font is no longer there, so I uploaded it to Google Drive so that it will be easier for you if you want to practice this method.

The ways to change the font using the go launcher are:

  1. Download the Application

The first thing to do is to download the application material first. Please download it from the play store.

  1. Install the application

Then Install all the applications, if you have selected it and clicked the home button then select Go Launcher to become the default launcher on your Android phone.

  1. Enter Go Settings

Going to the homepage on Android, you press and hold the Android cellphone screen until many options appear as shown below. select Go settings.

  1. Enter the Font Menu

After that, please select the Font menu to change the appearance of the font on our Android phone.

  1. Select a Font

After that, you just have to choose which font you want to use by clicking Select Font.

Then click scan fonts the point is to scan the entire font in it.

After the scan is complete, you can choose the desired font, the font will automatically change in the Go launcher you have.

  1. Successful Font Installation

It’s easy, right? The method above can be done on an Android phone that has not been rooted so it is very supportive for all Android cellphone users.

As we know that there are still many users who have not rooted their Android cellphones so, in my opinion, this is very supportive to do.

#4. Settings

You can use this second method easily, the method is very easy, friend, let’s follow the steps like the following, usually on a Samsung Android phone, or maybe another Android phone is there.

The steps to change fonts without an application are:

  1. Open Settings

The first step, friend, is to enter the settings on your cellphone.

  1. Select Display

Then you select Display. On the display, there will be many rules in it, one of which is to change the writing style/font

  1. Select a Font Type

Furthermore, many font setting options will appear as below, to be able to change the font style you can select the font type

  1. Select a Font

Then the hp font type that you are using will appear. The default font is the default font that you use and if you want to change to another writing style you can choose 2 fonts below

Now you can see the font changes on your Android phone. With this the font on your cellphone becomes cooler and as you wish.

#5. HiFont

HiFont is an application that you can download for free on the Play Store and App Store. With this application, you can change the display font on your cellphone.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Download HiFont

The first step you have to do is download the application first. You can download via the Play Store.

  1. Open the Application

After downloading and installing the application, open the HiFont application, and allow the application to access your device.

  1. Select a Font Type

Then please choose the type of font or font theme you want. There are several options that you can choose from, such as Brushed, All Caps, Holiday, and so on.

After that, select the font you want from the font type or category.

  1. Download & Use Fonts

Download the font you want, then you can use that font. The trick is to click USE to apply the font that has been downloaded.

#6. zFont

Similar to HiFont, zFont is also an application for changing android fonts that you can use for free. With this application, the display of the HP font becomes cooler and more attractive.

The ways to use it are:

  1. Download zFont

As usual, first download the zFont application on the Play Store.

  1. Open the Application

After you download and install the zFont application, open the application, and allow it to access your Android device.

  1. Select a Font Type

The next step, select the type of font that you want to use on your cellphone. Have a look around and choose the most suitable one. If so, please click Download.

  1. Use Fonts

After the download is complete, the final step is to use or apply the downloaded font. Please click Set to apply the font.

#6. Fonts for FlipFont 50 #6

Developers Fonts Free presents the application Fonts for FlipFont 50 #6. Users of this application don’t need to worry about paying problems, Fonts for FlipFont 50 #6 is available on the Android PlayStore for free.

This application offers a variant of 50 fonts that you can use to beautify the appearance of fonts on Android.

Not only that, users don’t need to bother rooting just to be able to get cool fonts with the Fonts for FlipFont 50 #6 application.

A simple interface with matching colors is one of the advantages that users of this application can use.

Interested? Download the Android Fonts for FlipFont 50 #6 font application here.

#7. Font Changer

Font Changer offers a large collection of cool fonts. For example, you can write a status with a cool font on Facebook or write a bio on your Instagram account.

So far the Font Changer app has been downloaded more than 1 million times on the Play Store.

The features it offers include hundreds of text fonts with editable colors, being able to scale up/down and rotate text, being able to apply filters, blur effects, and many other editing tools at your fingertips, thousands of quotes, and captions for posts, etc.

#8. Stylish Fonts

Stylish Fonts is a font application that you can also use to provide more attractive, cool and stylish fonts.

The Android font application, Stylish Fonts, also offers 50 fonts that can be used by app downloaders.

Not only that, the Stylish Fonts application also claims that the application makes it easy to change fonts on Android smartphones easily without the need to do or wait for a long process.

Are you interested and interested in using the Stylish Fonts application? If you are interested, you can directly download the application here.


There are two ways to change the font on an Android phone, first is to use an application and change the font without an application.

But for those without a font type application that can be selected is very limited. By using the application, there are more various types of fonts.

How easy is it, friend, if this way you can apply it then you don’t have to bother anymore to change the Android font.

Just download the application, select the preferred font, save then the font has been changed and more interesting?

Maybe that’s enough for this tutorial buddy on how to change the font on an Android phone.

If the tutorial above is unclear or there are things you want to ask, please ask in the comments column provided below.

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