How to Make Automatic Door in Minecraft [2024]


In this article, we are going to share with you How to Make Automatic Door in Minecraft. So, let’s get started…

There are many creative objects that can be crafted in Minecraft. Starting from cars, golems, and automatic doors that can open on their own when you are near them.

This automatic door is usually often used for the purposes of making houses in Minecraft to forts.

How to Make Automatic Door in Minecraft

Of course, this automatic door is arguably more practical and cooler to use. Well, if you want to know how to make it, here I will explain here.

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How to Make Automatic Doors in Minecraft

The way this automatic door works is by using sensors. When we are near the sensor, the door will immediately open.

Well, to make the sensor on the door, later you have to use some materials. Such as Redstone, Redstone Torch, and others.

Immediately, here’s how to make it.

1. Prepare the Automatic Door Making Material

Prepare the Automatic Door Making Material

The first step, you must prepare the materials in advance for the manufacture of automatic doors in Minecraft.

Material Name Function
Redstone As a power supply
Redstone Torch The power supply that runs through Redstone
Block of Quartz To flow Redstone Torch to Redstone
Tinted Glass As a glass door
Sticky Pistons Open and close the glass door
Stone Pressure Plate As a footrest sensor
Grass Block To patch the excavated area
Note: For the function of the door, you don’t have to use Tinted Glass, you can create it with other materials. Such as Glass, Cobblestone, and so on.

2. Make Doors With Pistons

If you have prepared all the materials, then you can put the Sticky Piston and Tinted Glass. It’s like this:

1. Place the Sticky Pistons facing each other with a height of 3 blocks. Then make a distance of 4 blocks between the sides.

Make Doors With Pistons

2. Then install the Tinted Glass which will function as a door in front of the Sticky Piston.

3. More or less, the design is like the following picture.

Make Doors With Pistons

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3. Dig a Hole in the Door Area

When you’re done making the door, you can dig a hole that will later be used as a place to run electricity from the Redstone.

1. Make a hole in the door area first. Into two blocks, the width of two blocks long and three blocks.

Dig a Hole in the Door Area

2. Then please go down into the hole.

3. Then make a hole back to the side (direction of the door), 1 block below the middle and 2 blocks above.

Dig a Hole in the Door Area

4. Also make holes on the other side as shown above.

Note: Point 3 and 4, you can punch holes exactly under the Tinted Glass and Sticky Piston

4. Add Redstone

Add Redstone

Then you just have to add Redstone to each hole you dug earlier.

Make sure all the holes are filled with Redstone, so the door can open and close automatically.

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5. Patch Hole

Patch Hole

After placing Redstone in the hole, you can fill the hole you dug using a Block of Quartz.

More or less later like the picture above. In addition to Block of Quartz, you can replace it with Grass Block, Cobblestone, and so on.

6. Start Making Sensors

Here you can start making sensors using Redstone, Redstone Torch, and Block of Quartz materials. Here are the steps:

1. Install the Redstone Torch behind the first-order Sticky Piston on both sides.

Start Making Sensors

2. Then add a Block of Quartz on top of the Redstone Torch.

Start Making Sensors

3. Above the Block of Quartz, please add Redstone.

Start Making Sensors

4. Finally, activate the Stone Pressure Plate and place it in front of the automatic door on both sides.

Start Making Sensors

7. Automatic Door Made Successfully

All steps have been done, lastly, you just need to check it. The steps to check it are as follows:

1. Please advance to the front of the door until the Stone Pressure Plate material is compressed.

2. Then the door will automatically open by itself.

Automatic Door Made Successfully

3. Then please stay away from the automatic door.

4. Then the door will automatically close.

Automatic Door Made Successfully

5. Done.

The Final Word

That’s how to make automatic doors in Minecraft. Again, as I said before, this door is perfect for use in all types of buildings in Minecraft.

Starting from the house to the bull. The important thing is that the design he made must be appropriate.

Hope it is useful.

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