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Howdy friends, today in this article, we are going to share with you the free call of duty mobile accounts or COD mobile accounts.

About Call of Duty

Call of Duty Mobile, also known as CoD M for close friends, is the free version adapted for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets of the famous first-person shooter from Activision.

Free Call of Duty Mobile Accounts

In this opus dedicated to portable devices in free-to-play, we find classic maps and game modes from Call of Duty, Call of Duty Cheats, Call of Duty Black Ops, and the Modern Warfare series.

The gameplay experience unlocks iconic characters, weapons, outfits, and gear from the Call of Duty universe.

Eliminate many opponents and gradually climb the stairs of the world rankings. You can also add your friends and play as a team to earn clan rewards.

Note that the game is rated PEGI 18 and therefore prohibited for children under 18.

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What is Account ID Used for?

Call of Duty Mobile Account ID is a unique id that will be different in each account. This ID is usually used for you to easily add friends so you can play together either for multiplayer or battle royale mode.

In addition, you also need to view and copy the COD Mobile id if you want to use the top-up on various services ranging from Codashop to Unipin.

This ID is very necessary so that the Cash Point (CP) you buy actually goes into your account.

Then also, maybe you can redeem the Call of Duty Mobile code and the conditions also require this.

Why Play Call of Duty Mobile?

Released in October 2019 and building on the success of the versions for PC and consoles, Call of Duty Mobile immediately met its audience of players on smartphones and tablets.

And they were not disappointed! Using the codes of previous installments in the Call of Duty series, Activision has managed to remain faithful to the world of games on PC and consoles, while bringing the necessary touch of modernity with the Battle Royale mode, in particular.

Although the small size of the screen limits movement and in particular the field of vision, the handling of the controls remains stable and the handling is quick and intuitive.

The graphics are particularly neat, the actions of the characters are fluid thanks to the constant 60 FPS, and the controls are customizable if necessary.

You can log in with your Activision account or your Facebook account or play as a guest. No single-player campaign or training modes, you are directly in the heart of the action in multiplayer mode up to level 7 which unlocks other game modes, including the famous Battle Royale.

On first use, a tutorial allows novice users to learn the controls, the different menus, where to improve equipment, movements, weapons, etc.

You will also understand the mechanics of the experience which, as with many games, allows you to improve your equipment, skills, and performance of your character, by visiting the in-game store.

Note that certain items, such as the Battle Royale mode, can only be unlocked when your character reaches a certain level.

In terms of shooting, players have 2 control modes: simple mode and advanced mode. Single-mode activates fire as soon as the sight targets an enemy.

This system improves maneuverability on mobile since you don’t have to worry about your shots, but you lose a lot of ammunition, due to the movements of the target enemy. Advanced mode lets you take control of your shots and gain precision.

Of course, the main interest of this game is the multiplayer mode, in 5v5, or 10v10 in tactical mode, or in 3v3 in Skirmish mode.

Faithful to the principles of the series, Call of Duty Mobile is a first-person shooter where your ammo gauge is limited and where you will have to kill all members of the opposing team (number of eliminations required to win the game).

in maps inspired by the Call of Duty universe. You can recover the weapons of your fallen opponents if you run out of ammunition for example.

You will even have the option of activating a drone to perform an airstrike if your enemies are grouped in the same place.

In multiplayer mode, there are 5 game modes and 9 maps including the classic maps of PC games, which will not disorient fans of PC and console games.

Depending on the season, new maps, a zombie mode, a night mode, thermal goggles, detectors, weapons, and shields may be available on an ephemeral basis.

In Battle Royale mode, you will have the opportunity to drive vehicles, and fight up to 100 players at the same time, in an online arena with multiple possibilities.

Note that cards, challenges, and other rewards are linked to seasonality, so as to regularly renew the player’s experience.

Like any cooperative game, a written and voice chat system is available.

You can download and play Call of Duty Mobile for free. You won’t be bothered by the ads, but if you want to unlock additional skins and accessories, there is a microtransaction system available.

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What’s new in the latest version of Call of Duty Mobile?

The latest 2024 update invites you to check out 2024 Season 1 titled New Order.

It features a new original multiplayer map (named Reclaim), more comprehensive Multiplayer modes (3v3 Skirmish and 20-player zombie mode).

New unlockable weapons, a new Battle Royale Blitz mode, new rewards, and new Pass content. battle (including 50 levels of free and premium content).

What OS is Call of Duty Mobile compatible with?

You can download Call of Duty Mobile on Android smartphones and tablets from version 4.3 or higher. iPhone and iPad users will need a mobile device with iOS 9.0 or higher.

The game requires at least 1.95 GB of storage and is still resource-intensive. It is important to have enough free space and to ensure that few apps are running in the background.

The battery decreases like snow in the sun during games and a wifi Internet connection is recommended when downloading but also during game sessions.

Call of Duty Mobile can be played with the touchscreen of your mobile device but also with the Android gamepad.

How to Copy Call of Duty / COD Mobile ID

If you really want to know how you can follow these steps. This is how to copy ID in Call of Duty / COD Mobile.

  1. Open Game:
    Of course, first, you have to open this game first. If you are not logged in, you can log in using a Facebook account or another. Wait until the main page appears.
  2. Enter the Profile Menu:
    Once on the CODM main page, you must first enter the profile menu. The trick is to press the profile photo in the upper right corner. We can press either on the photo or your username.
  3. Select Profile Tab:
    Then, you will be on the main prize page. There you can see a list of prizes that you will get if you level up. Then select the profile tab, second from the left. You can see the photo below to make it easier.
  4. View and Copy ID:
    In the profile tab, you can see all the details of your account, from the username, rank to statistics. Since our first goal is to see ID, you can find it under your profile photo. To copy it, you just need to press the two paper icon as shown by the arrow in the image below.
  5. Finished:
    After pressing the button, your account ID will be copied to the clipboard. You can paste it anywhere like a notepad or other notes so you don’t need to open the application again to find out the id.

Free COD Mobile Accounts [2024]

Below are the working free COD Mobile accounts which are collected from various sources.

Latest Call of Duty Mobile Accounts [2024]

[email protected]gmazre25mle
[email protected]porwentaxir6001
[email protected]Password In The Below
[email protected]Password In The Below
[email protected]Password In The Below
[email protected]Password In The Below
[email protected]Password In The Below
[email protected]Password In The Below
[email protected]Password In The Below

Free Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) Accounts [2024]

[email protected]Ab175021343
[email protected]bryan2004
[email protected]boogerboy1313
[email protected]Password In The Below
[email protected]Password In The Below
[email protected]Password In The Below
[email protected]Password In The Below
[email protected]Password In The Below
[email protected]Password In The Below
[email protected]Password In The Below
[email protected]Password In The Below
[email protected]Password In The Below
[email protected]Password In The Below

Free COD Mobile Accounts [2024]

[email protected]franko10
[email protected]lylien12
[email protected]15jweiner
[email protected]Password In The Below
[email protected]Password In The Below
[email protected]Password In The Below
[email protected]Password In The Below
[email protected]Password In The Below
[email protected]Password In The Below
[email protected]Password In The Below
[email protected]Password In The Below


That’s the CODM account for you. We hope that you get the accounts and enjoy your game smoothly. If you have any questions regarding this please feel free and let us know in the comment section.

Attention: TechMaina does not support any kind of hijacking or illegal use of accounts. The accounts mentioned on TechMaina are submitted by users or collected from other open-access portals.

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